“Savoir, autre savoir ici, pas Savoir, pour renseignements. Savoir, pour devenir musicienne de la Verité.” Henri Michaux, Face aux Verrous, 1954.

“J’aime mon travail d’un amour frénétique et perverti, comme un ascète le cilice qui lui gratte le ventre.” Gustave Flaubert, lettre à Louise Colet, 1852.

Love Song for MAD is dedicated to my sister and uses recordings of her voice as a toddler. It the second part of Sharp Splinter, a series where I use letters, audio cassettes and films that were made and collected by my parents and their parents, separated by the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. This piece uses the letters. It uses the sounds of a typewriter.
The piece is written for Andréa Tyniec, whose playing of Ysayë’s Sonata No.2 for solo violin became a cornerstone of the piece.

Love Song for MAD

0:00 i. it’s complicated
5.00 ii. seemingly romantic
9:30 iii. has its moments, but…
13:40 iv. i’ll have a quarrel with the world

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Andrea Tyniec audio:

Andrea Tyniec video: