“Among bird fanciers the word record is used to signify the first essays of a bird in singing.”

Sir John Hawkins, in A General History of the Science and Practice of Music, 1776

“an event, message, or data structure transmitted between computational processes”

Wikipedia, Definition of: Signal, 2009

Signal-based processing. Interactive improvisation environments. Real-time image to audio synthesizers. Recorder player Terri Hron commissions computer-assisted compositions and improvisation environments.

From 2006 to 2008, Terri experimented with 6 composers to drop the recorder into different kinds of electroacoustic practice. She remains fascinated by species of musician-machine interaction and the direction of the signal: who is leading?

Jim Altieri – Postcards from New Amsterdam
Ronald Boersen – Don’t Say a Word
Peter Hannan – Brule
Terri Hron – a little bird told me
Juan Parra Cancino – GeoAves for Terri
Laurie Radford – A Florus Exchange II
Peter Swendsen – Before Frozen Fog

Bird on a Wire was recorded at the Banff Centre by Daniel Porter and is available on the RECORDS page.

Here are some excerpts:

Peter Swendsen’s Before Frozen Fog
Before Frozen Fog
Juan Parra C.’s GeoAves
GeoAves – Pajaro


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