La Huppe (2011) 10’ — Terri Hron/Robert Normandeau

Beads of Time Sounding (2016) 30’ — Terri Hron/Hildegard Westerkamp

Lepidoptera (2015) 40’ — Monty Adkins/Terri Hron

Terri Hron, recorders and electronics

Volière Électrique presents three works I have cocreated with composers whose mostly acousmatic practice uses field recordings and studio techniques..

La Huppe was Robert Normandeau’s contribution to flocking patterns. The piece makes creative use of envelope following to shadow my recorder sound with a flock of birds within a frozen landscape.

Hildegard Westerkamp and I are created sonic beads strung together by my live sound in performance. Each bead uses recordings of me improvising near Hildegard’s childhood home in Osnabrück, Germany.

Lepidoptera is a five-part work exploring the sonic connections within my consort of Renaissance recorders. Interconnected sonically, the parts  also share strategies for organizing and transforming sounds, developed over the course of several periods of creation, production and performance.

Volière Électrique brings flying creatures together in a performance around the recorded, processed and augmented recorder: La Huppe tells the story of The Conference of the Birds; the recordings that Hildegard Westerkamp and I use feature a dawn chorus; and the five parts of Lepidoptera are each named for a different family of flying insects.