In 2010, Terri began clearing brush in a small forest on Île Audet, a small island on a lake in the Appalachian hills of Quebec. As a way to deal with the deadfall and accelerate decay, she started making nest-like structures in the woods, invitations for wildlife both real and mythical. In 2013, a number of artists to come and interact with these structures, recording and collecting these activities. In 2016, Terri asked choreographers Lina Cruz, Hannah Fischer and Adam Kinner to help create three movements, weaving together what had been collected, bringing the forest onto the stage. While there is no narrative, their roots on the island highlight a range of physical and emotional connections to the environment.


WORK (made with Adam Kinner)
DREAM (performances by Hannah Fischer and Catherine Thompson)
BUILD (made with Hannah Fischer)
NEST (made with Lina Cruz)

made and performed by Terri Hron

total time: 50 minutes

Creation team:
Philip Fortin: camera
Catherine Thompson: shamisen
Meva Creative Mind: accessories

NESTING is a modular piece that can be performed in various ways, depending on the nature and equipment in a space.


This is an excerpt from videos I made during a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, where I learned the choreographies and rehearsed the show as a whole and was able to document that myself. For full documentation, click the names of the parts above.
  • These videos are meant both as a visual trace and my score of the piece.
  • The different versions of me, both in movement and sound, are meant to serve as an indication of the flexibility of the work and are an invitation to layering.
  • The videos also suggest very basic ideas for lighting and the projection of the video in performance.

Lighting and video projection are key to NESTING in different settings.
NESTING is best performed without amplification, with the electronics diffused in the space so as to be as present as possible without masking the live sound too often.
The following images are from a performance in a community center produced by Fischer Dance in South Bend, IN. They give an idea of how the work can be installed in almost any kind of space, and can be performed very close to the audience.






Nest-1 Nest-2 Nest-3 Nest-4 Nest-5 Nest-6 Nest-7 Nest-8 Nest-9Nest-10 Nest-11