MEDUSA SELFIE brings electroacoustic and multimedia composition together with repertoire by anonymous and women composers, played on historical and invented instruments. The performers embody a feminine reflection on the mythic petrifying character.

MAIDEN • Beatriz de Dia (1140-1175) A chantar m’er de so qu’eu no volria
MATRIARCH • Codex Faenza anonymous (1400-1500) Ave Maris Stella
BOWLS OF PLENTY • Medusa Bowls

LAMENT • Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677) Lamento
PETRIFIED • Medusa Rocks
PERSÉE • Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre (1665-1729) Ah quelle affreuse image (Esther)

CORAL • Medusa Coral & folklore français (1200-1300) En mai au douz tens novels

Terri Hron: concept, direction, sound, objects, recorders
Katelyn Clark: clavisimbalum, organetto, objects
Jennifer Thiessen: baroque viola, viole d’amore, objects
Myriam Boucher: visuals

Total playing time: 50 minutes


You can watch some excerpts from all sections in this video:

You can also watch each movement by clicking on its name in above.

MEDUSA ROCKS, woodfired stoneware, shown here with the river rocks in Onishi, Japan, that served as inspiration, and where the pieces were created. Objects and photo by Terri Hron.
MEDUSA CORAL, woodfired stoneware, shown here during the Shiro-Oni exhibition, November 2019, in Onishi, Japan, where these were created. Objects and photo by Terri Hron.
MEDUSA BOWLS, earthenware, Terri Hron, photo Myriam Boucher.
BOWLS OF PLENTY, image used for the videoscore.
MEDUSA CORAL, image used for the videoscore.