For the second edition of Bird on a Wire, FLOCKING PATTERNS, Terri Hron commissioned eight pieces that explore interactivity in a ‘surround’, eight-channel environment.

These pieces are trios between Terri’s acoustic sound, the loudspeakers and the space, like flyways and feedback loops.

Elliott Sharp (USA) – In a Coalmine
Robert Normandeau (Canada) – La Huppe
Darren Miller (Canada) – for cort lippe
Paula Matthusen (USA) – sparrows in supermarkets
Emilie LeBel (Canada) – I saw the penguins’ home from the highway
Jenny Olivia Johnson (USA) – Time Goes Awry (Koli, Summer 2010)
Jorrit Dijkstra (NL/USA) – Slo-Poke
Daniel Blake (USA) – First Beginnings

The album recording was done in 5.1 Surround by Amandine Pras. You can find out more on the RECORDS page.

Here are a few excerpts from the album:

Paula Matthusen’s sparrows in supermarkets

Robert Normandeau’s La Huppe

Daniel Blake’s First beginnings
This project was possible thanks to: