April 07, 2019

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge was premiered by Ensemble Supermusique. The performers moved around and through the audience, with a surround diffusion of the electronics. The sounds played by the loudspeakers come from recordings of the Manhattan Bridge and of the members of Ensemble Supermusique who I recorded playing suspensions and passages. You can listen to an excerpt here: Thanks to the Conseil des arts et des ...


Beast Calls is a collection of pieces that I started back in 2009, when I started to translate sounds of animals I had recorded into scores. These translations take various forms, sometimes analyses using digital tools yield pitches or rhythms, sometimes I transform the sounds using other digital tools and use them in the electroacoustic part, if there is one. Beast Calls: Susi Spinus is the most recent of these ...


March 30, 2019

Birch Patterns

Birch Patterns, written for Splinter Reeds, is inspired by the patterns that appear and are copied through the various layers of birch bark. The thin, paper-like bark is marked with short, dark, intermittent lines that seem to suggest a kind of score or communication. The material and modes of interaction each player has with the electronics, the score and the ensemble come from my experiences as a performer and the ...