Skype conversation recorded in 2011.

Luciane talks about meaning in scores.


Luciane Cardassi: I think there is a chance that some composers pay more attention to transferring a meaning to their composition or what they really want with that composition, while for other composers, there is less of a careful interest. I’m not sure I’m making myself clear. I think there’s always a meaning, there’s always a meaning for people to do what they do, even if they’re not aware of [it]. I really think they’re transferring something to sounds even if they’re trying not to. But I think that for some composers, it’s more important or essential for their work, to think about that. I think it’s about the thinking. I like to know, for example, when I’m playing, I like to know why those things, I mean not only the notation, obviously, I like to know what we want with this project.